11 Jul, 2019

Overview of Vietnam’s paper market in 2018 – Part 3. Tissue paper

The tissue paper in Vietnam is mainly used to make products such as napkins, face towels, and toilet paper. The total consumption of tissue paper in 2018 in Vietnam reached nearly 165000 tons, an increase of 8% as compared to 2017. Kraft tissue paper used for soft packaging is not included in this statistic, however, this category is expected to have a strong growth in the upcoming years due to a recent increase in the demand for soft packaging.

The domestic production of tissue paper achieved 198,000 tons, an increase of 6% as compared to 2017. Main players in the tissue market such as Xuong Giang, Linh An in the North of Vietnam have invested in new technologies to boost the quality of the tissue.

The export of tissue paper reached 55,160 tons in 2018, marking a rise of 20% as compared to the figure of the previous year. The main export markets for the Vietnamese tissue are Laos, Cambodia, Thailand, Malaysia, Hong Kong, and the US. On the other hand, the total import of tissue paper in 2018 was 21,613 tons, an increase of 44% as compared to 2017. Vietnam mainly imports from Indonesia (46%) and China (18%).

The import tax of tissue paper to Vietnam from South East Asian countries is 0%, from China – 20%, from Japan – 4% and from European countries – 20%

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